Please consider helping 2 Peoria Area Elite teams fund their trip to AAU Nationals!
Our 13u team has qualified to go to Greensboro, North Carolina July 1-8 & our 15u team will go to
Memphis, Tennessee July 8-13. This will be a first time trip for both of our teams.
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Peoria Area Elite is a high level AAU basketball program that focuses on the mental,
physical and fundamental aspects of the game.  PAE prepares it's players to understand the
game of basketball and compete at their highest potential.  Thank you for visiting our website.
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Important information regarding Peoria Area Elite
Peoria Area Elite (PAE) competes in AAU tournaments throughout
the Midwest during the summer months.  We also host the Shaun Livingston Classic Shootout held by the Shaun Livingston Foundation each year in Peoria.  The dates for the 2015 event are June 6-8.
PAE requires a serious commitment from both it's players and their parents.  Our goal is to develop
both basketball and life skills in the young men in our program and that can not happen
without considerable sacrifice from both the players and parents.  
PAE will play in a select number of tournaments that will give it's players the exposure they need to showcase their skills while not overwhelming their summer or preventing them from participating in other activities.  We also limit our practice and play in June so that our players can participate with their high school teams.
We strongly believe the development of fundamental skills is deteriorating at all levels of basketball as noted in the quote below.  To prevent this in our program, we insist on regular attendance at practices and strive for an appropriate balance between practice and game play.  We firmly believe players will not reach their potential by simply playing in AAU games.  Practice and fundamental skill development is where the majority of improvement takes place.  
Ultimately our goal is to help young men that have made a commitment to the game of basketball reach their highest potential and prepare them for success at the next level.   PAE participants use basketball
to understand citizenship, responsibility, trust, work ethic, competitiveness and more in a healthy environment that promotes pursuing a spirited high school and college education
If you have questions regarding PAE Basketball please contact Gale Johnson
“If you look at a wide variety of AAU programs nationally, you will find young kids traveling the country playing games, and not being able to practice or work on their games. It is really that simple. While young kids are busy traversing the country to play in AAU competitions, they are spending hour upon hour running up and down the court in a helter-skelter atmosphere where, 95 percent of the time, they do not have the ball in their hands. What this does is cement bad habits -- and habits, good or bad, are what players revert to under stress.” 
Jay Bilas, ESPN
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